Create a world-class website to introduce a sustainable superfood and change the way the world thinks about plant-based protein.


LENTEIN® is a clean, sustainable superfood derived from water lentils. This plant-based protein is full of micronutrients and provides an environmentally sound solution for global food production. LENTEIN® needed a website to convey the value of their innovative plant protein to consumers and food manufacturers so that they can make a positive impact on global dietary needs.

Big Impact. Small Footprint.

It was important to create an approachable, informative brand for LENTEIN®. An educational website needed to be backed up with a solid content strategy that included blogs, videos, and social media activity. Getting the message of clean, green protein out to the masses is the only way this superfood can begin to make an impact on global food production.

Scope of Work

A Website that Educates

LENTEIN® has developed a sustainable, clean solution for the world's food production problems. They needed a website to showcase the product's nutritional value, positive environmental impact, and vast application in the food industry. This brochure site contained award-winning animations and eye-catching graphics to educate and convert customers.

Promoting Sustainability From Every Device

The LENTEIN® website needed to be easy to access and navigate during trade shows and industry conventions. The mobile-first website ensures that the user will have engaging and seamless website experience, no matter what device they are browsing on.