The Brief

Renaming and creating an entirely new brand and website for an established practice.

About Sunrise Facial and Oral Surgery

Dr. Schmid is an established Oral Surgeon in Brevard County. As his business grew and rapport was established, he needed another talented surgeon to join his practice. Dr. Kim came aboard as a board-certified facial surgeon and he was able to evolve the practice and incorporate facial cosmetic surgeries. They needed a name, brand and a new website to help achieve their goal.

A New Brand For a New Business

Sunrise Facial and Oral Surgery was formerly New Image Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, a business that dealt strictly in oral surgery. Once the surgeons decided to evolve their company and include facial cosmetic surgeries to their procedures they needed a new look, a new website and a new content marketing strategy to draw in new patients, serve existing patients and continue to establish their reputation in Brevard County and Central Florida.

When your business goes through a radical transformation, it’s going to need a facelift. For Sunrise Facial and Oral Surgery we scrapped the entire brand to create something new. An abstract design evokes a sense of renewal and the continual circle represents healing and the return to normalcy.



User-friendly Website For a Large Customer Base

With a new brand comes a new website. The Sunrise Facial and Oral Surgery website needed to be as fresh as their new brand and provide a sense of calm to patients and prospective patients alike. The interactive and transparent procedure pages ensure that patients understand what they’re getting into and reassures them that they are in good hands.

Content Strategy to Drive Organic Traffic

A bed of solid content helps to improve rank authority and consistently provides organic traffic. Covering topics on facial cosmetic surgery and oral surgery on their blog gives patients current information. By sharing these blogs across their social channels enables their patients to be a part of the conversation. Further, actively posting on social media provides the practice another way to reach out to patients on a more human level.

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