The Brief

Creating an Exciting Custom Brand and Media Website For a Rising Orlando Media Company.

About The Orlando Real

The Orlando Real is led by Ken Pozek; he loves the Orlando area and has a blast creating content that shows what the city has to offer. The content centers around life in Orlando, real estate, and theme parks. It encompasses the areas surrounding Orlando as well and, therefore, doesn’t limit his content to one city. Ken provides blog style information; he also utilizes video to present his content. He strives for the content to be fun and different, rather than a typical blog website that merely seeks clicks for the sake of clicks.

Scope of Work

Logo | Custom Media Website

A New Brand And Custom Website

We needed to create a logo, branding, and a custom website that would enhance their existing persona and strategy. Branding needed to be minimalistic yet intriguing to achieve the visual appeal of a wide audience that enjoys the brand and content of The Orlando Real.

Mobile Friendly Website

The target audience, much like that of The Orlando Real itself, is fast paced and always in need of mobile friendly content. Users can enjoy this content without the hassle of mobile friendly navigation and structure.

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