Customized Marketing: machine producing item based on customers' needs, preferences, style & requests
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4 Reasons Why Custom Matters

It’s your favorite baseball cap that’s perfectly fitted with your initials stitched in the side. It’s your guilty pleasure ice cream order with extra hot fudge and rainbow sprinkles. It’s your dream house with true hardwood floors and walls your favorite shade of blue (Black Tie teal, anyone?). Having something that’s made just for you makes a difference. Whether it’s something as simple as a meal order or as complex as a sports car, consumers and businesses are both picking up on the importance of a customized experience. As a matter of fact, 94 percent of businesses say that personalization is critical to future and current success. We at Black Tie Digital Marketing figured this out long ago, which is why we work so hard to create a custom experience for every one of our clients, every time.

People want to be treated as a partner, not a purchaser. Whether it’s a pair of shoes or a website design, people want to be involved in the process of creating the products or services they pay for. While this presents many challenges and would be what many consider “the road less travelled,” we’ve found that creating a custom experience makes all the difference. From a website to the content that fills it, here are four reasons why custom marketing matters for businesses and their success:

It truly represents you.

Whether you’re a small family-owned business or national corporation, your website should represent who you are and the hard work you’ve put into the business. Your online presence is out there for everyone to see and it should reflect the quality and care you uphold in your products or services. If you’re a world-class company your web presence should show it!

It’s unique.

No one else is like you and one size does not fit all. Having a unique website, brand, and marketing strategy makes you stand out from the crowd. A templated website or cookie-cutter logo doesn’t embody the value of your business. According to Microsoft research, the first ten seconds on a webpage determines if a user will stay or leave. Your website, its content, and your brand itself should be representative of your unique value proposition to customers. With an engaging and welcoming web presence, your customers will be more inclined to learn more.

It’s just how you like it.

A custom website works how you like it and works how your customers like it. The value of building a website from scratch is that it can become whatever you imagine. Throughout our DNA Architecture process CEO Scott Brazdo helps our clients take a look at where they’ve been and where they’re going to unlock their brand’s potential. At the end of this process our clients have a complete understanding of how to uniquely position their business for success and every person in our agency understands our client’s vision.

You’re proud of it.

Companies have found that when consumers invest time in helping to design their own products, they’re more likely to want to share their creations with those around them. With a website that’s handcrafted and fueled by the big ideas, clients can be proud of a world-class web presence that reflects who they are. Your marketing should be something you’re proud to show off and when you entrust your vision to a team that understands your business inside and out, you’ll be thrilled you skipped the templated website.

From relevant Google ads to custom graphics and interesting blog posts to killer videos, curating a custom experience creates a head-to-toe system that has everything a business needs to stand out from the crowd. It’s hard to put a price on creativity, but the value of having a custom experience is one that can be truly enjoyed by the big thinkers.

We at Black Tie Digital Marketing don’t believe in the well-travelled path of templated websites and cookie-cutter branding; we’ll take the road less travelled that’s full of rewrites, brainstorms, and big ideas. When you work hand-in-hand with a team that is dedicated to tapping into the full potential of your business, you’ll be able to appreciate the custom difference – and so will your future customers.