Five Reasons It’s Great to Work for a Faith-Based Company
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Five Reasons It’s Great to Work for a Faith-Based Company

“Whatever you do, do it for the glory of God.” –  1 Corinthians 10:31

Our mission is to help businesses grow utilizing cutting-edge digital marketing strategies and to have fun while doing it. We strive to be excellent in all things so that our work glorifies God.

Those are the first words I read when we walk in the door every morning, and to say these words are encouraging would certainly be an understatement. It’s a deep, yet simple strategy that we live by, and it’s absolutely the best way to sum up life here at Black Tie Digital Marketing.

Working for such a customer service-oriented company is rewarding, but it’s so much more than that for employees of a faith-based business. I took a moment this month to really dive into why we’re so blessed to be exactly where we are and doing exactly what we’re doing.

  1. Company leaders make an investment in you, not just your skillset.
    Joe Pagillo, our in-house Web Integration Specialist, had a first-hand experience in this when he met our CEO, Scott: “After spending five years searching for a career, The Lord introduced me to Scott. He offered me a job without having a position available. He said he liked my personality, and took the time to train me in areas I wasn’t familiar with. This allowed me to grow with the company, and it has been a blessing for me and for Black Tie, because we’re furthering the Lord’s kingdom together.”
  1. Faith-based missions lead us in the direction of patience and success.
    My content comrade Sean Rollins connects deeply with our mission and feels that the Lord has led him in the right direction: “The Bible tells us that God has a plan for all of us. We just have to be patient and trust in the Lord. I took a round about way to Black Tie, one filled with some strife, but everything I’ve been through has led me here. The place God meant for me to be.”
  1. Working with other faithful people strengthens your own faith.
    This is where I come in. As the new Content Manager here at Black Tie, I sometimes can’t believe I am where I am every day. The more I write and the more I work with our wonderful team, my faith grows; I never leave feeling like I haven’t accomplished something great. I’ve certainly experienced some less than savory employment experiences, and I’m thankful that The Lord provided those experiences to prepare me for the enormous blessing Black Tie has become.
  1. Your coworkers are more than just coworkers—they’re your friends in faith.
    Amelia Crane, our amazing Creative Director, couldn’t contain her appreciation for all that we mean to her personally and professionally: “It isn’t often that you can say work for a company that you truly feel has a purpose and a mission. We have fun and get plenty of work done. When you walk into our office, you’ll love the vibe. We’re always listening to some great playlists from all sorts of eras. My team members, my friends, truly make coming in every day a blessing in itself as we support each other through great times and hardships.”
  1. There’s plenty of positivity, love, and encouragement throughout the company.
    Natalie Dente, our Project Coordinator, certainly believes that our faith-based mission is what keeps us positive and motivated every day: “I feel blessed to work at Black Tie because we have such a positive, energetic team. We put out great quality work and strive to become better every day. It’s great to work somewhere that encourages personal growth! Plus, the occasional snack and having the cutest office dog ever don’t hurt either.”

There seem to be some common threads that tie the Black Tie team together: past struggles, and The Lord’s path that, thankfully, lead us to where we are today. There’s not much more satisfying than knowing that you’re exactly where God intended you to be. Our team uses all of our blessings daily to provide the best services for our clients, and that sentiment shines through all we do.

When you’re spending the majority of your week with people of faith, it’s easy to maintain productivity, provide quality services, and have a little fun; that’s what working at Black Tie is all about.  With a frequently used dart board on the wall, an adorable pup zipping beneath desks, and the presence of God and truly kind coworkers all around, there’s nothing keeping us from getting in the car and driving here every day, or even from staying late to get the job done.

You might be hesitant to take a leap of faith into a faith-based company, especially if it’s your first time. But take it from me; working for more than just the company itself, but also The Lord, does miracles for your spirit. The kindest souls I’ve ever met are all around me for at least 40 hours a week, and I’ve never come home feeling like I made a mistake. I’m here for a reason, and if you close your eyes and let The Lord guide you, you’ll sure be thankful he did.