5 Ways Your Small Business Can Build Online Traffic
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5 Ways Your Small Business Can Build Online Traffic

With all the talk of Google’s Penguin update and many websites losing traffic, there are a few things our team suggests to do for optimal website design in Melbourne, Florida.

Get Your Name Out There

It is imperative for local businesses to get their name out there. You want to share with the world why your business is better than all the rest. One way to get your name out there and on everyone’s tongues is by sponsoring one of your own kid’s or just a local sports team. With your name printed on their jersey, not only will you get your name out to parents and spectators, but potential customers when the team goes out to eat celebrating their win (because, of course, you picked a winning team).

Doing Something Socially Good In Your Community

A fundraiser, like a charity golf tournament, for an organization you support is a great way to expose people to your business. Not only does it get your name out there, it shows your personality and your good will toward the community. The next time someone hears your business’ name, they will automatically remember your fundraiser.

Join Your Local Business Association

Of course this is a great networking opportunity but this will also increase visits to your webpage. The more people you associate with and discuss your business with, the faster it will spread. Another upside of joining these types of groups is that they help market you.

Run A Contest

Something that most customers will get into are contests. A chance to people a whole bunch of people you don’t know at something sounds phenomenal. A simple contest that allows people to showcase their adorable dogs and gives the winner something free will draw tons of new people to your website. It will genertate hype and excitement about finding the best photo of Fluffy to win. As their competitiveness surfaces, your website traffic will grow.

Make A Video

One of the great things about the Web is that it’s easy and effective to make and distribute your own videos. Prospective clients enjoy watching videos on your website, it lets them get to know you. It’s also a great way to share information efficiently.

Contact our team to learn how to increase traffic to your website and market your website in Melbourne, Florida the best way you can.