7 Hooks for Better Content Marketing Strategy
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7 Hooks for Better Content Marketing Strategy

If you want to be successful at fishing, you know you need the right bait, or else you risk coming home with an empty bucket. If you want to be successful fishing for customers on the web, you also need the right bait incorporated into your content marketing strategy. And as you remember from our blog last month, your customers are pretty much like goldfish – complete with a short attention span and big eyes searching for the next flake of engaging web content.

To keep your website active and your ‘bucket’ of customers full, employ these seven hooks to bolster your content marketing strategy. If you do, you’ll find there are plenty of fish in the sea and lots of new customers to catch!

  1. Use Color to Capture Attention: Research shows that blue and teal are the most visually captivating colors that hook in web surfers.
  2. Frame the Debate: What’s the problem of your prospective clients that you can solve? Enter the frame and present a new picture – one that solves their problems and paints a portrait of solutions.
  3. Break the Mold: Customers get flooded with marketing messages from every angle. To disrupt the norm, make your content stand out in unexpected ways. Say or do something unexpected. Be forewarned though, that this approach has to be tempered with good taste and self-control. Don’t steer too far away from your core branding or you’ll lose the line connecting you and your clients.
  4. Use the Power of Rewards: Rewards come in two forms – extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic rewards gain short-term attention, while intrinsic rewards hold the attention of your customers in the long-term. Bait your hook with one of these two rewards to draw in the big catch.
  5. Be Credible: Demonstrate your expertise and legitimacy in your field. A school of fish follows the leader – be a thought leader in your space, and the followers will come.
  6. Create Some Intrigue: Play to the imagination of your customers and involve them with well-crafted moments of suspense. Bring them to the cusp of a problem or situation, let the moment build, and then deliver the solution.
  7. Guppy Love: Show your client base you care. People thrive on being acknowledged and thought about by brands or companies they follow. Love your customers and they’ll love you back.

You may already be great at fishing, but how successful has your content marketing strategy been? After reviewing these seven hooks, are there a few missing from your tackle box? The team at Black Tie has reeled in plenty of fish for businesses across many industries – we can help you do the same. Give us a call today.