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Is AI and Chat GPT The Future Of Writing?

The development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a milestone that’s making history. In some cases, AI is transforming how the world forms and communicates information. Some models are specifically designed as marketing tools. For Writers, this means the time dedicated to anything from drafting emails to creating product descriptions can be drastically reduced. You’ve probably heard of the language-based model ChatGPT. Their free model made headlines in Dec 2022. But there are dozens more that have different purposes and uses.

With such a seemingly simple and effective way to create content, some companies that work with an agency wonder if they can be as efficient and effective for their business by simply using AI. 

But is it really that simple? 

Can AI be easy-to-use, intuitive, and produce LOTS of content for you to publish immediately? Can you ditch your agency and save a ton of money?!

The quick answer is that you certainly COULD produce “lots of words” on your own and publish perhaps the most content you’ve ever had. 

However, the correct answer is hardly ever the quick one; if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The scenario of you solely using AI produced content to save time and money for your business (and expecting results) sounds so great because it’s definitely too good to be true. But that doesn’t mean we’re in a ‘people vs. AI’ world. 

You need an agency that uses AI effectively.

Writers and AI


In an agency, writers create value through strategic content using a number of tools and skills, producing things like what you’re reading right now. They develop the right content and style for the given social media post, blog, press release, and more. An effective writer considers all the aspects of a task or project while ensuring accuracy and alignment with the brand and their messaging. Once you have a writer that knows your business, how it operates, what is effective, and what is ineffective, you get quality content that ranks high on search engines and makes you visible to a larger audience


AI content became what seemed to be 2023’s “great interrupter” for content creation. Tools like ChatGPT were free. The temptation of believing this was an all-in-one tool had many people excited. Its value is creating seemingly limitless content based on a user produced question or prompt. 

While the original model is free, a paid version is now available. Regardless of which you use, it is the same program producing the response to your query.

Understanding what AI is and how it works tells a lot about the quality of the content. Let’s continue with the language based ChatGPT example. This is a language based model that generates text in many styles while revolving around conversation style interaction with the user. It is (as of 2023) built on a 3 year old model of the internet and it’s NOT connected to the internet. and It only knows what has been previously inputted by its makers. 

When it comes to thought leadership and topics not yet written about on the internet, AI is completely useless.

***Content generated by AI is not guaranteed to be factual or logical***

Why You Still Need An Agency

Currently, you might have an agency providing one or more services to your business. Whether it’s blogs, social media, branding, or your website, they’re doing tasks and producing results that you could not get without them. They are using tools and spending time that you don’t have to spend so that you can focus on other aspects of your business. AI is one of those tools. 

The best shift in mindset about AI is this: AI is a tool, not a service.

Agencies will certainly use AI. AI is a tool, and that is all. They can use AI to avoid the dreaded blank page and to get creativity flowing. But no artificial intelligence will replace the human brain for original creativity/thought, especially in the marketing industry. 

Having multiple different versions of content and picking which sounds best to you is how you achieve your goals. Getting content that is tailored for your specific needs written by a trusted writer will make your content as effective as possible.

AI and Google Rankings

Ranking high in Google is not only important, but it’s a must for your company. If your customers can’t find you, you can’t increase sales. Google has become VERY good at recognizing quality content. This is why “lots of words” won’t help you in the long run. You need both quality and quantity. With the development in both AI and the recognition of AI, Google is already gaining the ability to recognize AI content. 

Google rewards unique, quality content

An agency can ensure quality content that matches your branding and messaging is being “read” by Google. Merely publishing content nonstop doesn’t do anything meaningful for SEO, your messaging, or your sales. 

Don’t Operate On Yourself

So is this new AI technology a service that enables you to ditch your agency and do it yourself? No. It can, however, be a powerful tool for them. Always remember: AI is a tool, not a service. You wouldn’t blindly post an unverified collection of information on your company social media or website. So don’t let AI tempt you toward an easy ineffective way of producing content. Your agency and its writers use their expertise to build your brand, messaging, and wellbeing of your business.