#AskBlackTie about Programmatic Ads
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#AskBlackTie about Programmatic Ads

Yesterday we hosted a fantastic Google Partner event at our Melbourne office, and Steve, Black Tie’s President, couldn’t contain his excitement about programmatic advertising. Listening to him explain this complex, exciting new technology piqued a lot of interest and quizzical stares. For those of you who weren’t there, we’d like to expound on this new, never-before-possible way to meet your clients in those “micromoments.”

At the event, Google explained that people engage with their mobile device 150 times per day. Checking social updates, Googling where to find the nearest NY slice, and looking for the best deals on professionally weighted darts. That gives advertisers 150 chances to connect with their customers and bring them what they need in those micromoments.

With Programmatic Ad Purchasing advertisers are able to get in front of their target customers in the blink of an eye. Steve says, “Programmatic Ad Purchasing is the most exciting update to digital advertising since Google created their search box.” That’s a pretty bold statement, but he’s not wrong. Here’s why.

Confused? Don’t be, let Steve break it down for you.

“Programmatic ads connect advertisers (you) to users browsing websites who fit the target audience of the product you sell.”

Programmatic ad networks are the evolution of display ads.

When a user loads a website that monetizes the site with ads, the user’s browser information is sent to an ad exchange. The ad exchange looks for advertisers bidding in an auction for that particular user or user’s demographic. The advertiser that wins the auction provides their ad to the ad exchange, who in-turn delivers the advertisement to the website. The entire process takes 1/3 of a second.

OK, example time!

Let’s say you own the Grime-Resistant Air-Dusting Cleaning Solution Company. Business is good and you want to test out some programmatic ads. One day Joe Shmo-gillo heads over to Acme.com to check out the freshest Star Wars™ collectors sets. Acme.com’s ad exchange (the ad space acme.com sells) sees that Joe is coming, that he’s been to the site before, and notes that he’s bought several Star Wars™ collectable sets in the past month.

The ad exchange on Acme.com takes this information and sends it to the Ad Market. In a matter of 200 milliseconds countless advertisements send bids and are sorted. Because Joe is the exact type of person your ad is targeting, your ad wins and your Grime-Resistant Air Duster ad is displayed alongside Death Star sets and mini Light Sabers. Joe, elated to see a solution to his dust problem, buys your duster. Successful campaign.

Programmatic ads reduce costs by preventing ads being displayed to people who aren’t, and wouldn’t be, interested in buying. It’s also the complete opposite of the method we’re all used to with advertising on Search Networks. You know… where people searching for air-dusters will see your ad when they Google “Collectable Cleaner.” Programmatic ads bring your ads to the exact people you want to see them. Giving you that micromoment for the win.

If you have questions, and we’re sure you do, please give us a call. Steve knows this stuff like the back of his hand, and can let you know exactly how this kind of advertising can help grow your business. In the mean time any questions you have don’t forget to #AskBlackTie.