#AskBlackTie: What is the Difference Between Web Development and Design?
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#AskBlackTie: What is the Difference Between Web Development and Design?

Wondering what the difference is between website development and design? We find that many businesses looking to create a website are confused about the difference in these two complementary, but unique processes. If you’re looking to build a web presence, then here’s the lowdown on each process:

Web Development

What It Is: The process by which a website is built, using coding language spoken by computers, techies, and search engine robots.

Who Does It: A Web Developer that eats, sleeps, and breathes code.

Why It’s Important: Without web development, the Internet would be a series of vacant domains. Web development builds the sites that inhabit domains.

Web Design

What It Is: The creative portion of building a website. Web design encompasses style elements including color theory, layout, planning for motion elements, etc.

Who Does It: A Graphic Designer that specializes in the digital space, and knows web development.

Why It’s Important: If you don’t want a cookie-cutter website built from a template, then web design is important for making your site truly unique and one-of-a-kind.

How We Build Websites

At Black Tie, we believe in pairing these two distinct processes together in a way that produces a fully functional and beautiful website as unique as your business. Our in-house graphic designers dream big to make your site a reflection of your business – and not just a stamped out version of a template. Then our web development team gives life to these dreams by coding each and every element to construct your website.

In the end, you won’t have an empty domain or a cookie-cutter website. Instead, your website will be the result of collaboration between cutting edge web development and imaginative web design. If that sounds like the perfect website for your business to call home, then give us a call. Have more questions on web design or Internet Marketing? Then #AskBlackTie!