Black Tie Expert Explains Responsive Design
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Black Tie Expert Explains Responsive Design

Back in the day, and we’re using that phrase loosely, you only needed one website for an effective online presence. Since the takeover of mobile devices and the wake left by Mobilegeddon, a mobile-friendly site is no longer just an added bonus, it’s a necessity. Responsive websites are the cleanest most cutting edge answer to this new standard and luckily we have Joe Pagillo, our Web Integration Specialist, to explain what responsive designs are and why they’re taking over the wide world of web design.

Even before Mobilegeddon, smart businesses were making their sites mobile-friendly by creating a separate mobile site. According to Pagillo, this was costly, time consuming and complicated. But what else were businesses going to do? Customers, and people in general, want a website they can access from anywhere without having to “pinch and zoom.” Not only is this, “So Two-Thousand-and-Late,” as our dear intern, Jackie, would say, it can lose you potential customers and negatively affect your Google search rank. The answer to this frustrating problem is a technological and coding epiphany known as responsive design.

Pagillo says responsive design is coding that allows a website to conform to any sized screen without compromising the site’s quality, and without having to make a separate site. The technology is amazing and, “Constantly advancing and evolving. It’s crazy what we can do now.” Black Tie Digital been harnessing this technology to make some killer, custom websites for our clients, bringing them into the mobile age with style.

From websites to emails and animations, there’s no telling what responsive design will lead to. But you know what? The Black Tie Development team will continue to be on the forefront of this technology and bring it to our clients. It’s what we do, make our client’s websites rock as hard as they do. No matter what algorithms Google rolls out.