Black Tie Wins Silver W3 Award for Viera Builders Website!
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Black Tie Wins Silver W3 Award for Viera Builders Website!

We recently received news that our entry of the Viera Builders website to the W3 awards earlier this year won the silver award for General Website Categories – Construction. We’re extremely proud of this achievement and wanted to shout out to our amazing team for creating such powerful work.

The W3 awards are held and judged every year by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts. The AIVA is an exclusive group of media, advertising, and marketing professionals from huge companies like Block Media, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, Wired and many, many more. These awards are designed to and give small agencies a chance to be judged for their work right next to Fortune 500 agencies in the industry.

When we decided to submit our Viera Builders site for General Website – Construction Category we did so because knew that the technology we employed to execute this project was cutting edge. We hadn’t seen anything like this in the homebuilding website sector, and thought we’d take our chances against the best in the business.

What’s so cool about Viera Builders’ site? We connected their website with the homebuilder’s live inventory with the use of SVGs. In short, SVGs are responsive vector graphics capable of amazing things. They enable the neighborhood maps to display, in real time, lots for sale, prices, model homes being built, homes already in the neighborhood, etc. Instead of manually updating this information as it becomes available, the website is programed in line with the homebuilder’s data. Whenever they make a change in their system it’s immediately updated on the website. Pretty cool, huh?

Any time you submit work to be judged on this scale you’re always hopeful that you’ll get that call. But we have to say, when you do you’re still really surprised. AIVA is a well-respected organization, and they don’t give out many awards. So, thanks team for bringing this one home! We are so humbled by the experience and are excited to continue to create cutting-edge websites for our clients.