Brand Perception is Everything
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Brand Perception is Everything

Perception is everything – at least it is in the mind of consumers. How is your brand perceived – is it recognizable and a positive reflection of your values and purpose? In a recent study, three of the biggest names in the tech world proved their customer perception is positive and their brand is recognizable. What lessons can companies large and small learn from these customer favorites?

The study, conducted by FutureBrand, asked consumers to rank 100 top global companies on the basis of 18 different brand attributes. Consumers were asked to think about factors such as sense of purpose, consistency, authenticity, pleasure, innovation, and indispensability for each company. Google took the top spot, followed by Apple and Microsoft. Additionally, nearly half of the respondents in the study indicated that they ‘strongly agree’ that Google has all 18 of the attributes measured.

It is obvious that the tech powerhouses know a thing or two about positive consumer perception. It underscores the importance of ensuring that all aspects of your brand are in sync. Consumers recognize and value brands that have a strong identity and unity of purpose. What are some ways that you can enhance your brand’s perception? At Black Tie Digital Marketing, we’ve worked with companies of all sizes and across many industries. Some of the key factors to brand identity include:

  • Catchy Logo Design
  • Strong Web Presence
  • Smart Blogging and Social Media Strategy
  • Effective Use of Advertising Dollars

How would your company fare in the FutureBrand study? Do consumers gain a sense of your brand’s purpose, authenticity, and spirit of innovation from your online presence and internet marketing efforts? Companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft have carefully crafted brand strategies that support and grow positive public perception. Your company may not be a tech giant, but it doesn’t mean your brand strategy should be dwarf-sized. Make a plan today to strengthen your brand and watch it grow!

FutureBrand offers one of the most compelling reasons to make brand perception a top priority. According to the research group, positive perception is a top way to ‘future proof’ your brand and pave the way to continued success – while gaining a competitive edge. Black Tie can help you develop a killer strategy, and we have a completely in-house team ready to get to work for you. Give us a call today and learn more about our proven processes.