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Building a Brand? Include This Important Piece

Are you in the beginning stages of brand development? Maybe you’ve got a name, a logo, a website – or all three. That’s a good start, but do you have a true brand strategy that will help your company connect with consumers? Content marketing is a key piece that helps companies of all sizes relate to their customers and establish their identity.

Lego is one mega-brand with a strong identity. Surprisingly, though, the company did not always have a customer-centric brand strategy. Though the multi-colored blocks have been used since the 1950s to build everything from houses and cars to dinosaurs, the company largely ignored direct communications with their customer-base until 1999. In spite of this fact, Lego managed to become a household name and was named a ‘Product of the Century’ by Forbes Magazine.

Has your business been successful, even with little to no direct customer interaction regarding improvements, new applications, or ideas? You may be doing well and perhaps even believe you’ll be the next Product (or Service) of the Century. But regardless of your success, could your company resonate even better with your customer-base? If your brand strategy doesn’t include content marketing and a social media program, the answer is probably yes.

When Lego opened its eyes and ears to the myriads of loyal customers and brand fans that it already had, it gained valuable traction to carry the company into the 21st century. Instead of ignoring customer ideas and turning a blind eye to the masses of adult Lego fanatics, the company started listening. The feedback they received led to two huge advancements in customer relations: the Lego Ambassador Network and the Lego Factory. Both programs opened two-way communication between the company and fans of all ages.

An ambassador program may not fit your company’s profile, but it’s worth considering what attempts you are making to connect with and relate to your target audience. Well-crafted content can be an excellent marketing tool to draw customers to your site, as well as provide an incentive for existing customers to return. This content can also be used to invite two-way communication via social media. Having real, candid conversation with your customers may indicate emerging trends, resolve problems, or identify a unique growth opportunity for your business. At the very least, by communicating with your customers you strengthen your brand and add authenticity to the experience.

Make your brand strategy as strong as your vision for the future. Find your customers and communicate with them by means of effective content marketing. Like Lego, you just might become the Product (or Service) of the Century!