Content Marketing Lessons from the Biggest Shopping Days of the Year
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Content Marketing Lessons from the Biggest Shopping Days of the Year

The unofficial start to the Shopping Season is almost here – Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner. Personally speaking, are you a brick-and-mortar deal hunter, or do you prefer to hit snooze and catch the best deals while still wearing your pajamas and sipping coffee on Cyber Monday? No matter what type of seasonal shopper you are, the value in Shopping Season isn’t just for consumers. In fact, there are valuable lessons your business can learn from shopping frenzy that is about to unfold.

To begin, retailers cash in on the fact that consumers have a need to make a wide variety of purchases and are ready to buy at this time of year. Responding to consumer demand helps companies capture the greatest share of spendable dollars. Is your business responding to the needs that your customer base has? For instance, how much of your content marketing is relatable to the questions, concerns, or topics that your customers are actually interested in?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are also predictable. Consumers know that they can expect super deals on the latest and greatest items that everyone is looking to buy or receive at this time of year. Retailers can cash in on this expectation by delivering what consumers are looking for – great deals! Similarly, you can cash in on consumer expectation as well.

In today’s digital marketplace, your target audience is most likely online and looking for information from you. The question is whether or not you are delivering it. If your content marketing is hit or miss, or could be described as ‘spotty at best,’ then you may be missing abundant opportunities to deliver what your customers want and build great relationships. Failing to deliver regular, meaningful content would be akin to the most popular Big Box retailers shuttering their doors on Black Friday and turning away lines of customers eager to make purchases. Don’t miss the opportunity to promote your brand by serving your customers’ interests through effective content marketing strategies!

So while you may not be a retailer looking to dive into the Black Friday madness, your business can benefit from considering how the lessons of the Shopping Season translate into consumer conversion. To sum it up: Realize the needs of your target audience, meet their expectations in a meaningful, regular way, and prepare to reap the bounty of business that comes from effective content marketing!