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Signs You Need A Digital Marketing Team

Trying to run your own digital marketing is daunting. Even with well intentioned plans, business marketing does not get far when companies try to do it independently. The daily ins and outs of running a business supersede the marketing needs. It is not long before the marketing plan is completely derailed. From brand identity and social media marketing to website maintenance and development, marketing tasks can take time away from other areas of business. That is why digital marketing agencies exist. They are a team designed to take the stress off your shoulders.

What Is A Digital Marketing Agency?

A digital marketing agency works to reach customers through various digital marketing channels. Some of the main channels are websites, email, social media, and blogs. While this may seem simple, digital marketing agencies can be more complex than they first appear. They can focus on broad industry marketing or niche fields. Most will have subject matter experts (SMEs), who know the best way to reach your target audience using digital means.

Identifying The Root Cause

Understanding that you have a problem creating and executing a digital marketing strategy is the first step in overcoming the problem. So how do you know it’s time to step back and let an outside team of digital marketing SMEs help you create, navigate, and implement an effective marketing strategy for your business? Below are a few signs that the time is now.

You Don’t Have A Consistent Sales Pipeline

Have your sales seemed to stagnate? If you find your sales team cold calling customers and working overtime just to find leads, it is a good sign that your marketing is not effective. With a proper marketing strategy in place, you should enjoy a steady flow of qualified leads.

Your Branding Has No Continuity

Your company branding is how customers see you. Inconsistency in branding can cause confusion about your company identity and may muddle your company message. If you see an inconsistent style in your company’s assets, such as content marketing, website, and printed materials, it is time to get a marketing company to get your brand back on track.

Your Website Is Not A “24/7 365” Selling Machine

Your website is one of the best tools for selling your product or service in the digital age. It should provide visitors with all the information they need to make their purchase, be easy to navigate, and be designed to help close a sale. If you are experiencing a high bounce rate, find that most of your visitors leave before making a purchase, or are just unhappy with the look and flow of your website, it’s time to have a marketing company take a look.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

You may know that your marketing is short of spectacular, but you have a hard time finding ways to solve the problems you are encountering. Whether you are frustrated with a lack of website conversions, feel your marketing materials are dated or lack that wow factor, or are just unsure about following up on your leads, it may be time to seek outside help.

When you are frustrated with where to go, a branding agency like Black Tie can help. We will be there to consult with and help you formulate effective strategic decisions that can move your business marketing forward on the path to success. At Black Tie, you can work with someone you can trust. We will work with you to create the ideal message and materials to connect with your desired customer base. From lead generation, to graphic design, to inbound marketing, Black Tie is there to help with it all.

You Don’t Have A Marketing Budget

Your marketing should be a part of your business strategy. As with other parts of your business strategy, a budget is essential. Your company’s marketing needs to be a priority. This requires the dedication of both time and money toward its creation and implementation. When you don’t have a marketing department or a set budget, you are likely not putting the focus on your marketing that your company needs to grow your sales effectively.

Your Competition Is Crushing You

You know there is a market for your product or service, but do you feel you are getting a smaller share of the market than you should? If your product or service is similar in price and quality to your competitors, but they are outshining you in sales, then there is likely a problem with your marketing. With a proper business plan, a solid product or service, and a good price point, there is no reason to be at the back of the pack unless your marketing strategy has fallen short.

You Don’t Have People To Accomplish Your Goals

Even with a sound marketing strategy, it can be costly and difficult to find personnel capable of effectively accomplishing your marketing goals. To make the most of your marketing efforts, you will need a team. The skills of graphic designers, web developers, video production, inbound marketing managers, and content creators are crucial. Some of these positions can be filled with freelancers. However, it may be hard to get different freelancers on the same page about your marketing vision. This might require an extra person just to manage them.

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