Facebook Algorithm Update: How Will Your Page Fare?
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Facebook Algorithm Update: How Will Your Page Fare?

According to Facebook, they’re finally giving the people what they want. Well, some of them. Facebook’s recent changes to their algorithm are expected to give more weight to posts from friends rather than pages. For users looking to keep in touch with friends on Facebook, this is a positive change. However, this is just one more hurdle for small businesses attempting to organically optimize their Facebook business page.

Just as Google is constantly working to improve their search result algorithms, Facebook is constantly looking to improve their news feed algorithms. Arguably, the most powerful social media platform to date, Facebook often finds itself in a struggle between giving social users a more desirable social experience and giving small businesses a chance at a profitable experience. The truth is that without the social users, businesses wouldn’t have much of a platform to begin with. But is there a balance that works for both?

On a bright note for small business owners, with each update, Facebook’s algorithm gets a little bit smarter. Facebook has been paying attention to which posts users enjoy seeing the most, so if a user likes business page posts, they’ll continue to see posts from business pages.

There’s no telling what algorithm updates to expect from Facebook next. The best thing you can do for yourself as a small business page is to have a consistent, genuine presence on social media. If people are complimenting your work—say thank you. If people are bad-mouthing your work—ask why and present them with the facts. While you might feel organic reach slipping from your fingertips with each algorithm update, the truth is that if your page is engaging and authentic, there is no telling whom your posts will reach next.