Facebook Launches Search Advertising
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Facebook Launches Search Advertising

Facebook launched search advertising this week, but before you get too excited Black Tie Digital Marketing wants to let you know that this concept isn’t like AdWords at all. This new form of advertising is actually very similar to the other platforms of advertising Facebook offers, despite appearing in search results.

The way AdWords works is shown below:

Search Engine Land explains that, “Facebook’s search ads can’t be targeted to keywords, as Google’s ads can, nor can they link to content outside of Facebook. Instead of using keywords or phrases like Google AdWords does, Facebook targets specific entities that you would like to show up in search results, including Pages, Places, and Apps. While Google AdWords will take users to your website as it’s landing page, Facebook ads will take the user to an App, Page, or Place on Facebook. It will not direct users to content that is outside of Facebook.”

So when you are considering using Facebook Sponsored Results, make sure your landing page is up to date with all the information you would want a potential client to know because that’s where they will be sent. Feel free to contact us anytime if you need help with Internet Marketing or web design in Melbourne, Florida.