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Facebook News Feed Quality Content

Facebook announced last week that it has updated an algorithm that determines which items show up in a user’s news feed. The developers wanted to ensure that users are timely, relevant, sharable content. In other words, Facebook wants to make sure your news feed is busy with “high quality” activity and not the “low quality” stuff you’re more likely to hide and skim past.

So how does Facebook know what counts as high quality to its individual users? The new algorithm took into account information from surveys designed to pinpoint precisely what users want to see. While Facebook frames it in different terms, the survey results confirm what we already know:  we want new information, unique information, and credible information. We only want to see what’s relevant and worth our time to read. As Facebook tested the new algorithm, they found users were pleased with the changes. There were fewer “hidden” feed items and more engagement with the news items that were shown.

For us at Black Tie Digital Marketing, this means we’ll keep doing what we do best: sharing industry-specific information with your business’ readers as part of your Social Media and Search Engine Optimization campaign, and we’ll do it without boring your readers. Our goal is the same as it has always been: new, fresh, relevant content that lets your business communicate better with your customers, fan, and followers!