Facebook’s Algorithm Part 2: How to Improve Your Reach
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Facebook’s Algorithm Part 2: How to Improve Your Reach

Though Facebook’s algorithm may never be fully understood, you’ll find comfort in knowing that there are ways to improve your organic reach. At Black Tie Digital Marketing, we want your social media to work for you. Here are are our top suggestions:

  1. Keep it short and sweet: We all hate to admit it, but our attention spans nearing goldfish level.
  2. Use more than words: Photos, videos, and links are more appealing to users.
  3. Engage your community: get to know your followers, ask what they think of your latest project or how they enjoyed their holiday weekend.
  4. Timing is key: explore your Facebook Insights data to find the times that your posts perform best, usually when your fans are online and your competitors are not. And don’t worry, you don’t need to be a statistician to become a Facebook Insights master.
  5. Show off your team: People like to get a glimpse into what happens behind the scenes, use their curiosity to your advantage!

Pleasing Facebook is increasingly difficult but by genuinely engaging your followers with interesting updates and funny photos, and utilizing your Facebook Insights data to find what posts, times of day, and targets perform best for your page your reach will begin to grow. If you have any further questions or need some help getting started, contact us at Black Tie Digital Marketing and we’ll be happy to show you the ropes.