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Four Reasons To Switch To A Custom WordPress Gutenberg Website

Your website is part of your brand identity in the digital world and, in some cases, the first impression of your company. Yet, for many companies, their website may not be performing exactly as it should. In some cases, there are security issues, or it may just be challenging to make changes. For other companies, the website may be slow to load or not have the look that portrays their brand. If your company is experiencing these problems, it may be time to have a custom WordPress Gutenberg site built for you.

What Is Gutenberg?

Gutenberg is a creating and editing experience for your WordPress site, which better allows you to customize your pages and posts. Gutenberg is set to be released with the latest version 5 of WordPress. However, you can now test its functionality with your current WordPress with a plugin.

Through the use of an intuitive interface, the new editing ability is designed to improve the user’s experience by mimicking the front end through the use of custom blocks. This way, the developer will be able to edit page content in each of these blocks to build out web pages without sacrificing the integrity of the website’s overall design.

With the functionality of the pre-built page blocks being native, they are less likely to malfunction from an update. This will help to decrease the overall load time of your webpage as well. In short, it will provide a better experience for those developing, editing, and using the website.

Common Website Issues

Your website problems won’t disappear on their own; they are likely influencing your sales. If visitors are frustrated with your website, they may look elsewhere. Below are four problems with your website, which may be a sign it’s time to switch to a custom WordPress Gutenberg website.

Difficult to Change

Are you frustrated whenever you try to make the simplest website change? Or does it cause problems on your website when changes are made? You should be able to make changes quickly and painlessly. If you are spending too much time addressing and implementing website changes, it is time to make a change.

Security Issues

Security issues can also be a significant concern for your website. If you have to constantly restore your website from backups due to virus infections or malware, finding a better solution is critical. You should check your SSL. If you have one in place and it is up-to-date, you will need to look at other solutions.

It’s Too Slow

Slow websites are frustrating for everyone, especially potential customers. Unnecessary technical features in some template websites can impact performance, making websites slower and more challenging to navigate. Unnecessarily large files and incompatible files can also lead to slower speeds, frustrating clients looking for quick information. A quick speed check can give insight into your website’s overall performance.

You’re Not Happy With The Aesthetics

While there are no set aesthetics that determine whether a website is good-looking or not, design can affect your visitor conversion rate. Poor and confusing designs can lead to a bad impression of the company and be seen as a lack of professionalism. Your design should be clean and appear professional-looking to your target audience. Yet, with some template sites, this can be harder to achieve.

Put an End to Your Frustrations

Black Tie Digital Marketing uses custom WordPress Gutenberg sites to address the frustrations many companies experience with their website. End website frustrations by allowing Black Tie Digital Marketing to help you with your custom WordPress Gutenberg website switch today.

Simple to Change

Gutenberg functions as a visual page editor, which will provide you with a better representation of what is seen on the front end. This will allow you to gain better insight into what the visitor is experiencing when they use your site. This will let you more accurately see how your changes will take shape, allowing greater consistency in your editing.

Another benefit is that the program is native, which will enable you to interact with Automatic’s code. If you run into changes that you’re unsure how to incorporate or simply don’t have the time, Black Tie is here to assist.

Totally Secure

An SSL and a free security plugin are all you need for a custom WordPress Gutenberg website. You can even add an extra layer of security between the user and server through an AWS firewall.

So Light & Fast

You will enjoy raw speeds with Gutenberg that fewer other sites can achieve. You can use the provided block collections from Gutenberg editing or allow Black Tie to code everything from scratch. This will help us ensure that your website speeds are operating at their peak. Without unnecessary plugins, your clients will enjoy a vast speed improvement, so they can find the information they are looking for quickly.

Designed to Convert

The ultimate purpose of your website is to convert visitors into leads. To be most effective in the conversion process, employing a professional graphic designer is necessary. At Black Tie, we have graphic designers who can work with your developers to help create a website that can help your visitors through the conversion process. We start the design process with Photoshop to ensure the best quality graphics and layouts. Then our developers code it to design your website seamlessly.

Looking to Switch?

Are you ready to have a secure, easy to edit, fast, and aesthetically appealing website? While this may be possible with a template website, using them for things other than the personal websites of startups could lead to problems down the road.  Your website is an integral part of your sales and inbound marketing, so it is time to turn it into the money-making, lead generation machine it can be. Contact us to find out more.