Four Tried-and-True Blogging Strategies
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Four Tried-and-True Blogging Strategies

This Digital Marketing Agency doesn’t want you to hide from blogging; we want you to run with it. Blogging is essential to a website for SEO. If you post regularly to your website, you train search engine bots to crawl your site frequently. The bots crawl your site frequently, your site’s content shows up in results, you get traffic and all is grand in the blog-o-sphere. So, now that the importance of blogging has been hammered into your head for the up-teenth time, what on earth do you write about?

The possibilities are literally limitless, but quality content that is relevant to your company gets a BIG thumbs up from search engines. I can hear you, “That’s easier said than done though.” Stop dragging your feet, and check out these blogging strategies our content team have found helpful for defining brands’ websites.

  • The Informer – Informational blogs are great if you desire thought leader status in your industry. Blogging about industry news, what’s going on in the world and telling people things you believe they should know is a great strategy. If you’re passionate about the subject and have an ongoing cycle of news there’s no end to your blog stream.
  • The Advisor – Advice blogs are extremely helpful to users and your website. If you can give people credible tips and consultation on topics related to your field, you’ll have followers for days and search bots thirsty for the next set of juicy instructions.
  • The Salesman – If you’ve got amazing products and you’re not flaunting them you’re missing out on a sizable chunk of blogs. People love learning about products: how they work, what they do and how they stack up to similar items on the market. When people are shopping they look for reviews and how-to’s, so fill your blog with those and throw your customers a bone.
  • The Best Friend – Best Friend blogs are great for creating a culture for your company and brand. If you’re participating in a charity 5k, sponsoring a local music festival or just grilling up some brats for the 4th of July and want to dish up your Granny’s Tater Salad recipe telling people about it via blog is a great break in blog monotony. These blogs also kill it when shared on social media.

Don’t fear the blog. Embrace it. If you can define a loose strategy by using just one or several of these ideas, blogging can be fun. You’ll see the boost it gives your site’s SEO are SO worth the time and effort.