Google and Twitter: Better Together?
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Google and Twitter: Better Together?

Google and Twitter are powerful forces on their own, so what’s to happen once they partner up? The search engine titan and the social media giant announced that they will be teaming up to make tweets easily searchable through Google.

According to a recent Marketing Land FAQ about the newly announced partnership, Twitter shared that it will begin providing Google access to the tweets generated by Twitter users. While further details of the partnership remain unclear, because Google currently only has access to a limited number of tweets, the general assumption is that the deal will include access to all tweets. While it’s possible for Google to simply scan and crawl for tweets to index within its search engine, unlimited access to all tweets will increase the power and efficiency of search results.

The Power of Social Search

Twitter is a wealth of timely, relevant content, a no-brainer match for the world’s most powerful search engine. But it can only share what people are searching for by having an index of available data to scan. This partnership has the ability to make the search engine even more powerful–if that’s even possible. That explains why Google wants to partner with Twitter, but why would Twitter want to partner with Twitter? Tweets appearing in Google’s search results will almost certainly drive traffic to Twitter.

As Google Partners and your go-to agency for Melbourne, FL SEO and social media optimization, we look forward to seeing how this partnership will impact the future of social search.