Google and Twitter Sitting in a Tree
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Google and Twitter Sitting in a Tree

It appears that Google and Twitter have reconciled their differences and are getting along once more. Two days ago, both Google and Twitter announced that they were teaming up to ensure mobile users would be the most-up-to-date web surfers to hit the planet.

First a little of how and why it works, then we’ll get into what it means to you as a Twitter-having business.

This integration of Twitter into Google search results is interesting. You see, in 2011 Twitter asked for compensation for the, “Fire hose” of information Google was pulling from. Google said, “No,” and treated Twitter like every other website. Only pulling relevant tweets when the search phrase deemed it necessary. However, for the average Google user a one-off tweet from Lou Ferringo when you’re trying to find out who the most recent Hulk was doesn’t help very much. Also, cheating at trivia is very bad.

With this “merger” of sorts (Twitter still isn’t being paid for tweets getting clicked on) if you’re searching for Iron Man, Tony Stark’s Twitter account will be displayed, along with any trending news about @ironman. You can also search in Google with hashtags now. Search #mobilegeddon: a carousel of tweets will show up and you’ll be sent directly to Twitter to see who’s saying what about the mobile apocalypse.

Their whole reasoning behind this is to give their users the most current news and information. Social Media has started revolutions, and changed the way we share what’s going on. Google integrating Twitter on mobile devices is just adding more spice to the pot of information. Now when searching Google, we’re not only given all the information in the world, but also the most current news and conversations. Kinda crazy huh?

This is exciting news for businesses with active Twitter accounts because if you’re participating in a trending topic, Google is going to pick up. It’s almost like a double-dip in the Google pond. Here at Black Tie Digital Marketing, we see this as a great opportunity to understand how Twitter can benefit your business. Users no longer have to be Twitter aficionados to find you; they just have to be Googling something you have an interesting, 140 character thought about. This is a chance to really exercise your creativity and maximize your Twitter presence.

If you have any questions about social media and what it can add to your business, please give us a call.