Google Insights: Find Your Next Customer in the Moment
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Google Insights: Find Your Next Customer in the Moment

Where do you think your next customer will come from – your print ad, state-of-the-art website, or a referral? All three are possibilities. But it could be that your next best customer comes to you courtesy of Google. By leveraging the power of Internet marketing and taking advantage of the almost universal human habit of searching Google for answers, your business can start meeting more customers in the moment.

Last week, we hosted a Google Partners event for our clients and friends, and the topic of conversation was finding customers in the moment. By means of a lively discussion with a legitimate Google human, event participants learned the importance of identifying moments, delivering solutions, and measuring the results. Central to Google’s theory is the thought that customers turn to the Internet in the moment. Whether they’re searching for an answer, an expert, or an item – they have a need they are looking to fill. By identifying these moments and showcasing solutions, a company can connect with new customers in a meaningful (and profitable) way.

Two keys to meeting customers in the moment are:

Being present where the customer is.

We’re not talking about physical locations, but rather being easily accessible where consumer searches are happening. This is increasingly taking place on mobile devices. In fact, statistics show that the average consumer is using their mobile phone to assist them 150 times a day, on average. Many of these functions involve mobile search to find solutions to a problem that the consumer is having in the moment. This underscores the importance of having a responsive website that is designed to look as great on a mobile device as it does on a desktop computer.

Choosing your words wisely.

Speaking to customers in the moment is about highlighting the right keywords, but being natural and helpful. Users won’t find a page beneficial if it’s ‘keyword rich’ but ‘information poor.’ And if users don’t like the page, you can bet that Google won’t either. As a result, your page will no longer be answer to a customer’s inquiry. The moment is lost.

Are your website, Internet marketing efforts, and AdWords campaigns helping you to meet customers in the moment? If not, it’s time to make some changes. As Google Partners, Black Tie can help you to understand what the current best practices are and implement the right changes so that you can be found in the moment!