Great News! Using Social Media Just got Easier
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Great News! Using Social Media Just got Easier

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past, oh I don’t know, decade, you know that engaging in social media is a must for any business. And, if you’ve been actively engaging with all your accounts you have also noticed these platforms are a revolving door of features, buttons and analytics that you have no idea how to begin to use.

These tools are good and bad. They’re good because they mean social networks are making their platforms more user-focused. They’re bad because with all things you’re trying to remember about tweeting, posting and whatever else you’ve got up your sleeve, how on earth are you supposed to keep up with all the updates?

Luckily, we came across this handy infographic created by SalesForce. It breaks down all the “hidden” features you haven’t had the time to look up and figure out. You’ll be shocked that these features exist, relieved that they’re so easy to implement and amazed at how useful utilizing social media can be to your bottom line as a result.

A few of our favorite features over here at Black Tie Digital Marketing are: creating showcase pages on LinkedIn, what a great way to show off niche aspects of your company. Creating photo collages in Twitter, and the ability to access quick stats on Facebook posts. It’s like you just gave your social media department a shot of espresso brewed with RedBull.

Prepare to take your social sphere to a whole other level. Owning social media just got easier.

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Hidden Social Media Features You Should Know

Via Salesforce