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How Did Your Brand Fair in the Instagram Follower Purge?

Did your Instagram account lose followers over this past week? The popular app took notice of the rampant amount of fake and spam accounts, and then took action.

According to a recent Marketing Land column, the purge has affected so many people in big ways that it’s being referred to as the “Instagram Rapture.” Celebrity accounts seemed to take the biggest hit in followers, some accounts losing millions, while brands faired seemingly well. Big brands like Nike and GoPro only lost approximately 2.5% of their total followers. Instagram, ironically, appeared to have faired the worst of all brands, losing over 19 million followers, over 29% of its original total.

Instagram itself explained that the removal of accounts that don’t adhere to their Community Guidelines, would in fact decrease follower counts but assured users that it would not affect organic engagement with genuine accounts. In fact, removing posts from ad driven accounts will leave more room for authentic interactions. From a marketer’s point of view, getting down to the real numbers will only help you to measure the true reach and engagement generated by your posts.

As your source for Melbourne, FL social media optimization, we are pleased to hear that Instagram has taken this initiative towards fostering a truly organic online environment. Call us today about how we can improve your Internet presence through our multi-faceted marketing strategy.