How Does The Keyword Planner Differ From The Keyword Tool?
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How Does The Keyword Planner Differ From The Keyword Tool?

Our expert in SEO in Melbourne, Florida, John Budzynski, uses the Google AdWords tools on a daily basis so if you’re new to the AdWords game or aren’t sure how these changes affect you, then listen closely. Google is always making changes, usually for the better, unlike Facebook (did anyone else notice the newest changes?).

“Google is constantly trying to make their products better for their users,” John explains. “Whether streamlining, optimizing, or introducing new features, Google’s products rarely sit still for long. This is another case of working to one-up themselves by trying to make the campaign building process more stream lined for the user.”

So you may be wondering, what are the specific differences between the new Keyword Planner and the Keyword tool. Well John explains it in an easy-to-use way:

The Keyword Planner offers options to create your keyword lists that the Keyword Tool does not have. It also integrates the old Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator. There are three ways to create your keyword lists instead of just one.

1. Search for Keyword and ad group ideas

2. Enter or upload keywords to see how they perform

3. Multiply keyword lists

Option one lets you enter your products and services, landing page, and product category and generates relevant keywords and estimated performance statistics. Option 2 allows you to upload a list of keywords and see performance statistics for those terms (similar to the Traffic Estimator). Option 3 combines different lists of keywords to make keywords that contain terms from both lists. For example, if one list contains “business” and another lists contains “digital marketing” a resulting keyword would be “digital marketing business”.

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