How Internet Marketing Strategy Makes Customers Pick Up the Phone
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How Internet Marketing Strategy Makes Customers Pick Up the Phone

The importance of mobile-friendly Internet marketing strategy continues to steal the spotlight. A recent report from Invoca examined 32 million phone calls made to businesses in 2014. The results underscore the power of a call to convert prospects and what marketing channels produce the most calls. Read on for the details and ask yourself if your mobile presence is supporting consumer trends.

Phone calls have a 30-50 percent conversion rate. If you thought click-through rates were a top source for conversions, think again. Click rates average only a one to two percent conversion. So if you want to convert more prospects, tailor your internet marketing strategy to encourage phone conversation. Becoming mobile-friendly is a top way to accomplish this.

Mobile search is the supreme source for phone call traffic across all channels. The study found that 45 percent of phone calls to businesses originated from a mobile search. The next highest source (desktop display ads) drove only 11 percent of phone calls. Interestingly, the third runner-up was desktop search – resulting in only 9 percent of consumer calls. It’s clear that being found in mobile search is absolutely critical to capturing phone calls from interested consumers, since mobile searches have the strongest impact on consumer behavior.

If call volume is slow at your business, the problem may be that you are not reaching consumers where they are most likely to be found – on their mobile devices. Optimize your site for a mobile experience and fine tune your mobile internet marketing strategy, including search presence, display ads, etc. In doing so, you are giving your customers what they want, where they want it. Statistics show that by doing so, you are improving the likelihood of a phone call from a prospective customer – and that phone call has a strong chance of becoming the beginning of your next profitable relationship. At Black Tie Digital Marketing, we love internet marketing as well as phone conversations, so give us a call today. We would love to hear about your business and help you with your internet marketing strategy.