If You Don’t Read This Blog, Who Will?
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If You Don’t Read This Blog, Who Will?

Blogging is one of the most misunderstood methods of content marketing ever created. It’s actually the cornerstone of content marketing, yet still many people don’t understand its power or purpose. As a blogger with a team of bloggers who create unique content for our clients on a daily basis, Black Tie knows the importance of blogging. Yet, we find ourselves explaining this simple process to nearly every client that walks in the door. They always ask, “who reads blogs anyway?” Our simple and true answer is, “A lot more people and things than you’d ever imagine.”

“Who Reads Blogs?”

Even if you don’t know it, you read blogs every day. Nearly every piece of content you read on the Internet is a blog. That recipe you grabbed from Pinterest. Blog. The review of the new iPhone 6S. Blog. The tutorial on how to remove Pumpkin Spice Latte from your white shirt. Blog. You are literally surrounded by blogs every day on the Internet. So, who reads blogs? Everyone reads blogs.

 “OK, I guess everyone reads blogs, who’s reading my blog?”

Many of our clients think that their business is too drab, or not interesting enough for a blog. But really, if your business is interesting enough to remain in business, it’s interesting enough to have a blog. Think about your clients, write for them. What are they interested in, what questions do you get every day? Blogs about those queries are sure to be instant hits. When you write with clients in mind, you can answer all of their search queries with just a few words.

“You said things read blogs, What Reads Blogs?”

So this is the part about blogs that gets a little freaky, but at the same time is even more exciting because this is where your website’s SEO get’s an espresso-like jolt. Search engine bots crawl your website multiple times every day looking for content that will be useful to their viewers. They also “read” your blog. This is how your blogs are found in search engines, and why writing to answer search queries is so beneficial to your blog. This is how the billions of people searching for your business’s services find your business through your blog.

Even for the most callous and blog non-believers out there, something – if not someone – is reading your blog and improving your search engine rank. If you have questions about how to get started with blogs or need a little motivation to keep your blogs going after you feel like you’re talking to an empty room, give us at Black Tie Digital a call. Our team of bloggers understands your plight and can help talk you through blog blockage.