Infographics and SEO
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Infographics and SEO

In her interview with Infographic World founder Justin Beegel, Amy Gesenhues asked about the power of the infographic drumming up interest online. Infographics are primed to go viral when they’re done right, and at Black Tie Digital Marketing, we’re  interested in the link between infographics and search engine optimization. As it turns out, Beegel’s tips on SEO-enabled infographics follow the basics of good SEO strategy for any content.

Some of the things infographic developers should do happen internally, while others are external to the graphic itself. Some of the tips reported (summarized) include:

  1. on-site SEO tagging where the infographic is posted online
  2. name the infographic file with SEO in mind
  3. title the infographic with SEO-rich content
  4. getting other websites showing the infographic to link back to your website
  5. reach out to targeted sites and share the infographic with them

The payoff Beegel describes for infographic linking is the payoff for SEO itself: share the graphic on a powerful site, get a link back to your own website, and when content gets picked up by other uses you reap the benefit of traffic exponentially.

The infographic, then, acts as a case study for general SEO principles for all web content and design. If you’re ready to start rocking your business through higher search engine ranking, contact your Melbourne digital marketing firm today!