Lessons from the Florida Dental Convention
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Lessons from the Florida Dental Convention

After several days of meeting with dentists, hygienists, students, and office managers from around the state, our team just wrapped up another great weekend at the Florida Dental Convention. This wasn’t our first rodeo, but each year it’s exciting to see new and old faces – and also learn some new lessons along the way. We’re excited to have a few more projects on our plates and are looking forward to working with our new clients to help their practices grow and flourish. There were many other web design and dental marketing companies at the convention this year, but we’re confident that we’re still the best choice for dentists looking for a website as unique as their practice and a team that’s passionate about transparency, innovation, and high-quality work. After working with dentists for quite some time now, we’ve learned a few things:

We LOVE Dentists!

We really do love dentists, so much so that our CEO is married to one! Thanks to this unique point of difference and first-hand insight into the business of a dental practice, our team understands what it takes to help one grow. We never planned on having a niche industry, but if we were to have one, it would be dentistry. Our large number of dental clients has allowed us the opportunity to become experts on the needs of a dental practice.

Authenticity Matters

At Black Tie Digital Marketing, we hold our values in high-esteem. We believe that honesty and transparency is the key to successful partnerships with our clients, employees, and business partners. At the end of the day, we’re not salespeople, we’re here to work with businesses that are excited about their work and excited about ours. People can see through an empty sales pitch, which is why our team skips the sales jargon and jumps right into answering the questions that our potential clients are curious about – why we’re different than other companies, how we’re going to help them grow, and what it takes to turn their dreams into reality (you’re likely to overhear conversations about superhero movies, sports cars, or the best Chipotle orders, too). Being authentic and honest is appreciated and also attracts clients who believe in the same values.

Waiting for the Right Fit

Not everyone is a great fit for us, which is why it’s so important to know your business and know your clients. When people come to us looking for a templated website to be completed in three days, we direct them to someone else who would be able to accomplish their goals. Our goal is to help business dream bigger – we wait for the innovators, day dreamers, and big thinkers. We want to work with dentists (and other businesses) that are looking for a website and marketing that is custom-made to reflect their hard work, beliefs, and passions. Knowing your business is key to finding the clients who will be excited about your work and engaged in the process.

The Importance of Sealing the Deal

While getting to know new people and building brand awareness are key parts of attending a trade show or convention, it always helps to sign a new client. Over 90 percent of trade show attendees believe they get the most useful buying information from attending trade shows and events. Oftentimes attendees roam the convention hall to check out new products and compare different companies, so just being there is important to your customer relationships and your brand. Almost half of all attendees are looking to make a purchase at a trade show and over 80 percent have the authority to make purchases. Typically, the convention hall is the best place to seal the deal, however follow up campaigns do find some success.


At Black Tie Digital Marketing, we’re always looking for ways to meet new clients and engage with our current ones. Attending the Florida Dental Convention has been a great way to get to know our market and also to learn some tips of the trade. We’re looking forward to getting started with our new clients and following up with everyone we had the opportunity to meet over the past weekend. Thanks to everyone for a great time at the Florida Dental Convention, we look forward to seeing you again next year!