Lights, Camera, Content!
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Lights, Camera, Content!

Content marketing is proving to be the most effective strategy in the digital age. Customers consistently scarf digital information like free donuts in the break room. And, where blogs, info graphics, and white papers are the raised, glazed cake donuts everyone knows and loves, the first pastry out of the box is always the jelly-filled, sprinkle-smothered video donut.

Businesses that utilize the video donut in their marketing strategy are rewarded with loyal, happy customers. Even though it costs more than all the other donuts in the case, they know that the investment in video will help their business in the long run. There’s even a pastry case stocked full of statistics that back video as the real king of content:

  • Comscore reports that 89 million people in the US are going to watch 1.2 billion videos online today.
  • The Bytemobile Mobile Analytic Report found that online video accounts for 50 percent of mobile traffic.
  • Cisco predicts that video traffic will account for 55 percent of global consumer Internet traffic by next year.
  • One billion unique users visit YouTube each month. While they’re collectively surfing the site, they consume four billion hours of video.
  • Every shared video from YouTube results in six new YouTube browsing sessions.
  • According to Invodo, 52 percent of people say watching a product video makes them more confident in their purchasing decisions.

It’s not only that people are watching videos; they’re sharing and basing buying decisions off of them. Online videos are your website’s most important and enticing sales team. Watching a video is as close to talking with a person a customer can get on the web. If these stats don’t have you rethinking taking a plunge into video, what’s causing your pause?

It’s obvious that videos work. Think about how many videos you watch on a weekly basis and why. But, many business owners are wary of incorporating videos into their content marketing strategy because they’re expensive. With a short, five-minute video costing thousands of dollars to produce, hesitation is clear. They should be assured that any money placed in a well-produced video would reap benefits beyond the initial investment. This is because 60 percent of people visiting a website with both text and video will watch the video instead. And, of the people that watch a product video 73 percent of them make that purchase.

When you’re working with an experienced video production crew, creating a video is not hard. If you have questions about how to incorporate the sprinkle-smothered, jelly-filled donut that is video into your content marketing strategy, give us a call at Black Tie Digital Marketing. We’re experts on attracting the customers you’ve been searching for.