May the Force of the Web Be With You
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May the Force of the Web Be With You


We’ve held it in as long as possible, and we just can’t let this excitement bubble any longer. December 18th The Force Awakens will be opening across the globe. We’ve already got our tickets; in case you were wondering. Because we can’t stop watching the trailers, scrolling through the new posters, and perhaps spending a little too much on exclusive Amazon merchandise, we thought it was probably time to refocus this rogue energy into something productive. But, we just keep coming back to Star Wars.

And, you want to know something? You could learn a thing or two about digital marketing from The Force Awakens. 

Do or Do Not There Is No Try

You cannot halfway commit to a web presence. If you want to be successful on the web, you’re going to have to jump in head first. Of course this does not mean create everything: a website, social presence, email campaigns, etc. just because you need to. You need to be like Luke in the Dagobah System. You need to create a plan and put your whole company into your web presence. After all it is an extension of your business that an increasing number of people are coming to first. So do or do not create a web presence, there is no try. But really you should, and if you need help – we’re hear to coach you to your potential. Just like Yoda.

Which Side of the Force Are You On

There are good and bad parts of the web, and you get to choose which side you’re on. If you have a great web presence that includes a comprehensive and useful website, backed up by active social networks you can consider yourself a Jedi. Helping navigate citizens of the galaxy around your business’s culture and values. Being a Jedi is being sensitive to the needs of your customers and changing with their attitudes. This can be creating a mobile site or responding to comments and reviews with poise. When you turn to the dark side, you start ignoring the needs of your online customers. You begin to make your website about your needs and forget that people actually use it. Customers start going to websites of businesses that will actually help them and you get scared. As wise master Yoda said, “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

Always The Unknown

And finally, there’s is always the unknown to take into account. But Jedis don’t go into the unknown fearful. While we’re all musing whether or not Luke Skywalker is Kylo Ren or not, we are at the same time wondering what is coming next in the world of digital marketing. How will Google index sites in the future?  Will my SEO program do me wrong in the next six months? These are all questions we’re looking into the Universe for. The scary and exciting part is there will be no answers until the day comes. What will separate the good from the bad is how we choose to deal with the information when it comes. We can embrace the change and do what we can to help our customers, thereby helping our businesses. Or, we can brood away on our Death Star and obliterate planets and ideas that don’t fit with narrow, stubborn ways of thinking.

Is it just us, or are there are real parallels to our Web and the Galaxy Far Far Away? We certainly, and obviously think so. While we never know what is coming and are so excited about the future that we just can’t stand it any more, all we can do to keep the universe in balance is do as much good as we can. This is true for your web presence as well as in life. By thinking of others, staying current with trends, and being aware of your surroundings your company may just have the midi-chlorian count to take back the galaxy from the Dark Side.

May the force of the web be with you.