One easy way to improve your social media marketing
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One easy way to improve your social media marketing

At Black Tie Digital Marketing, our Melbourne FL digital marketing clients know that there’s a long-term strategy for successful search engine optimization. Our combination of a beautiful SEO optimized site, a regular schedule of blogging to add new content (feed those search engines!), and a powerful social media campaign to drive traffic is all important in the SEO game. While pay-per-click advertising can drive traffic with immediate results, organic ranking takes time and patience.

So what’s the one thing companies can do to help drive that process and optimize rank? Get social! Share things readers really want to know about and you’ll see digital traffic to your site–and search engine ranking–increase.

Facebook and Twitter followers don’t necessarily want to see another one-liner about your core product. Chances are that they’ve been following you for a while and they already know what you sell and why it’s great. What your followers don’t know is the story behind the brand, a little bit about YOU, and what your company is up to this week. If you can shift your social media marketing focus from selling to sharing, you’ll see an impact. Share what you’re doing, share what you’re all about, and give followers a taste of what it’s like behind the scenes.

Social media isn’t about products, it’s about people. If you’d like help realigning your social media marketing with your search engine optimization goals, contact the team at Black Tie Digital Marketing today!