Our Crazy Year In Review
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Our Crazy Year In Review

Man oh man, we can hardly believe tomorrow will be January 1, 2016. It seems like it was only yesterday that we were selling websites without a website and beginning to explain to the world who Black Tie Digital Marketing was. It’s amazing to think that we’ll be turning five in February of 2016, but more amazing to reflect on how blessed we’ve been in 2015. We couldn’t have achieved all we have this year without the guidance of our Lord, and are beyond grateful that He’s placed so many amazing people and wonderful opportunities on our path this year.

Before we release our amazing team to their families for one more holiday, we’d like to reflect on the good fortune we’ve had this year, as well as give thanks to God and all else who helped make 2015 Black Tie Digital Marketing’s most amazing year to date.

2015 Brought Us our Amazing Team

This year, we were able to grow our team significantly. We doubled our graphics department, quadrupled our content department and needed to hire a Project Coordinator to keep everything straight. Finding the right people for the jobs was not easy. With lots of prayer, God brought us the people we were seeking. As our departments grew, so did our ability to promote the amazing people who had been with us from the beginning. Designers became Creative Directors, and Mr. Many Hats is now Mr. Web Integration Specialist. We would be lost without their ability to learn and grow into their roles. They’ve taken on responsibilities that have enabled our once tiny agency to thrive.

2015 Brought us High Caliber Clients

Teams grow for a reason, because workflow increases. 2015 has placed so many new and exciting clients on our path. We are so grateful for our ability to help so many local and global businesses find success on the web. We started the year off very strong with a solid base of clients, but month after month new challenges presented themselves. We ended the year with some of the largest and most complex clients we’ve ever served. We are so thankful that our team has been entrusted to transform these new clients, as well as for the experience our existing clients have provided us.

2015 Taught Us So Much

We grew as a company in 2015, not only in size but technologically and spiritually as well. Taking on larger clients, and working closely with experts has enabled us to grow technologically. Creating responsive sites, working with SVGs, staying a head of the curve on SEO trends, and paying close attention to what our clients customers are seeking online have compelled and inspired us to learn and perfect every new technology we’re able to.

2015 also gave us the opportunity to grow spiritually and learn a lot about ourselves as a result. One of the most significant things we learned this year was that Black Tie Digital Marketing is not just a marketing agency. We have a higher purpose than that. We learned, through the guidance of God, that we exist to help businesses dream bigger. That our main role in our client’s lives is to inspire them to reach greatness. Yes, we provide expert technological services with our websites and strategic marketing initiatives, but our main purpose is to enable our clients to see a bigger picture. To grow and serve their clients in the best way possible.

2015 Brought us Growth

Finally, 2015 brought us physical growth as well. Adding clients and team members means that we physically grew out of both of our old locations in Lake Mary and Melbourne. We were blessed to find two, perfect locations to move into. The contractors, real estate agents, and land lords we’ve been blessed to work with have granted us complete creative license and we were even able to remodel each office and turn them both into Black Tie oases, complete with teal unicorns, dart boards, and massive air hockey tables.

We thank the Lord every day for putting people who understand us in our path and allowing us to grow as an agency in the way we have. 2015 was certainly one of the craziest, amazing years we’ve experienced. We cannot wait to see what the future holds, to see what blessings are in store, and to further our mission to strive to be excellent in all things so that our work continues to glorify God.

Thank you and Happy New Year from Black Tie Digital Marketing!