Pinterest leads Facebook in e-commerce sharing
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Pinterest leads Facebook in e-commerce sharing

In his recent Marketing Land article, Greg Finn highlights the power of Pinterest in the social media landscape. Legacy powerhouses Facebook and Twitter still dominate the social scene, but Pinterest is making strides. Big ones! And at Black Tie Digital Marketing, we’re staying on top of the trends so you can dominate online.

One well-worn marketing adage that has stood the test of time? Women–particularly women aged 25-55–make the vast majority of a family’s purchasing decisions. And where are many of those women? Pinterest. And while the statistics may surprise you, the verdict is in: Pinterest’s numbers have surpassed Facebook for “e-commerce-related sharing.” Facebook may be the largest sharing platform for total shares, but Pinterest is dominating e-commerce shares and that says something.

Pinterest is also strong when it comes to education-related content sharing (thank you, pinning educators) and travel-based sharing (hello, moms planning vacations). Twitter falls behind both Facebook and Pinterest in most categories.

The data are clear: Pinterest is a powerhouse in social sharing and it may be time to determine your brand’s interest in the Pinterest demographic. This visual-heavy platform means more production of customized graphic design and constant content generation, but that’s the name of the game if you want to reach your target audience.

If you’re not sure how the changing social media landscape should impact the way your business does social, call us today. We’re your Melbourne FL digital marketing agency offering a comprehensive suite of services to help get you noticed online.