PPC, Pay-Per-Call?
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PPC, Pay-Per-Call?

Google has recently launched a new type of campaign for companies that value phone calls over clicks. That’s right, there is now an option to create campaigns that only bid on phone calls instead of clicks, and as your Melbourne, FL Internet marketing agency we’re pretty excited about it.

Service-Based Business Opportunity

For companies that are service-based and don’t have an online store, this could be a huge opportunity. Only paying for the users that actually call your business could eliminate a lot of traffic that would otherwise be a wasted click, and wasted ad budget.

The ad format for these campaigns is also different from your typical search ads. For one, your phone number can now be in the headline of the ad. This is a huge departure from the previous policy of not showing phone numbers in the ad copy at all, unless call extensions were enabled.

Targeting Mobile

Another key difference is that these campaigns only show on devices that are capable of making a phone call. You don’t have to worry about desktops, you don’t have to worry about tablets, just smart phones that can make phone calls. This could be a move made in response to the less than enthusiastic responses Google received as result of the “enhanced campaigns” update last year. That update made it impossible to target just mobile devices or just tablets, but now we can at least target just mobile phones again.

We’re in the very early stages of testing this new campaign mode in some of our accounts and have a lot of questions that we need answered. As your go-to agency for Melbourne, FL Internet marketing we expect to have enough data for an update and/or case study in the next few months.