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Prepping for Holiday Season with SEO

For online retailers, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! November brings blockbuster sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, plus a rev up for the early December through Christmas rush. It’s the stuff retail marketers live for, and the battle for sales has moved online through social media and email marketing.

The majority of our Melbourne FL internet marketing clients aren’t retail outfits, but rather small businesses providing goods and services in a niche market. But this holiday sales season is for every business! Offer  incentives for new contracts, offer gift packages, offer free shipping, and offer gift certificates. There’s no reason every business can’t be in on the holiday hustle!

No matter what kind of business you’re marketing online, Search Engine Land has a valuable list of 7 tips for holiday season search engine optimization. To summarize a few of their points that apply to all businesses:

  • The first few tips are related to your business’s listings online and in directories. Misspellings, incorrect data, or out of date phone numbers can spell disaster for your rankings and inconvenience for potential customers. Read the full article for some handy tools to help hunt down all your listings.
  • Add content. If you’re not discussing all of your products and describing them on your website, you’re missing valuable opportunities for keywords and content marketing. And for goodness sakes, blog your heart out. Contact us if you’re interested in a regular blogging scheduled to augment your Melbourne FL social media marketing.
  • And by all means, get your customers to review their purchases online.

If you’re not sure how to optimize for the holidays, give your Melbourne FL search engine optimization team a call today. We’ve got you covered during this busy time of year!