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Why Your Social Strategy Needs Video

In the world of digital and social media marketing, it can seem nearly impossible to keep up with the latest trends. While video has always been known to be an effective piece of the social media marketing mix, it’s now what online users want and expect to see from their favorite brands. Marketers can no longer ignore the need for video content in their marketing strategy. Today live video is allowing customers to connect with their favorite companies in real-time. With the introduction of platforms such as Facebook Live and Periscope, customers are able to have a live, behind-the-scenes look into the ins-and-outs of their favorite companies. Brands who are not capitalizing on the opportunities that video offer are missing out on the huge segment of customers who are eagerly consuming video content.

Think that the video trend will just come and go? Consider these video marketing stats:

  • According to a study by Cisco, by 2019 video will account for 80 percent of global internet traffic.
  • Facebook data reveals that more than half of people on Facebook everyday watch at least one video.
  • Having a video in an email increases the click-through rate by 200 – 300 percent.
  • Ninety percent of users say that product videos help them in the decision making process.
  • Ninety-two percent of users watching mobile video will share videos with others.
  • After watching an online video, 64 percent of consumers are more likely to purchase a product online.
  • Having a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by as much as 80 percent.

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The key to any effective social media marketing strategy is creating sharable and consumable content for users. Anything posted to social media should reflect your company’s brand and align with your overall social media strategy. Saturating your social media platforms with irrelevant content will only turn away users, so what you share should somehow enhance their experience. Whether a piece of content is used to increase brand recognition, promote a new product or service, inform followers, or tell a story about your business, everything should be working to strengthen the relationship between your business and your potential customer.

So how does one implement video into their social media marketing mix? Here are some video ideas that can enhance the social experience for your followers:

Give an Insider’s Point of View

Everyone likes to feel as if they’re in on a secret. Showing behind-the-scenes content that features your employees, your office, and who you are as a company helps to make your business more relatable. By giving a tour of your office or introducing your employees, customers are able to see the fun side of your business and get the chance to learn about more than just what you sell.

Teach Your Customers Something New

How-to or DIY videos can be a short and easy way to show your customers how to use your product or service. By teaching them a new way of using your product or a new feature of a product, you’re educating your customers in an interesting and shareable way. This simple video can increase the loyalty your customers have to your brand and enhance the authority your business has over the subject matter.

Share Information About a Special Event

If your business or industry has a special event coming up, video is an engaging way to share information and create excitement. An interesting video is easily shared on social media, which helps your business get the word out about an upcoming event. Even videos created to commemorate important holidays to your business are easily shareable and relevant to your followers.

Release a New Product or Service

A video about a new product is a great way to show off the benefits to your customers. Rather than just telling them about new features, a short video can be a fun way to highlight the personal benefits of your new product. This doesn’t need to be overly promotional, but rather can be an engaging way to teach your customers about the new features of your product or service. Appeal to the natural curiosity of your followers by making it fun and informative.

Show off Your Skills

Video is also an entertaining way of showing off what you’re good at. If your business or employees have certain skills that you’re proud to show off, a short video can show a lot more than simply telling your customers. Seeing is believing, so don’t be afraid to use video to tell your customers how your skills can benefit them.

One doesn’t need a Hollywood-caliber video crew to create contagious video content. With today’s technology, it’s easy enough to create a simple and effective video with your phone, simple editing software, and some creative ideas. Use the tools at your disposal and have fun with it. For everyday video, a well-done homemade video can be enough to get the job done, however a few professional videos are smart to have at your disposal. If you’re ready to pump up your social media strategy, consider adding video to your digital content arsenal.