Spotlight on The Finley Project: Supporting Grieving Mothers
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Spotlight on The Finley Project: Supporting Grieving Mothers

This past weekend our CEO, Scott Brazdo, and his family attended the 2nd Annual Celebration of Life Gala hosted by The Finley Project. It was a moving and motivating experience for everyone in attendance. We wanted to remember Finley in this blog post, and discuss the amazing and inspiring work her mother, Noelle, has done with The Finley Project to support mothers who must cope with the tragic death of their infant. Black Tie Digital Marketing is proud to sponsor this amazing Project and we’re so grateful for the recognition we received this weekend.

Noelle Moore, founder of The Finley Project, found herself devastated following the loss of her baby girl Finley, only 23 days after she was born. Struggling with grief and the disconnect between hospital and home, Noelle couldn’t understand how to function after such an unexpected tragedy. She was able to overcome her grief with the love and support of family, friends and even strangers. Believing that no mother should ever feel as lost and alone as she did, she began The Finley Project to support other mothers facing the same struggle.

The Finley Project is dedicated to supporting grieving mothers through a seven part holistic program that begins immediately following the loss of a child. This emotional and physical support includes: assistance in funeral planning, preparing and providing meals, house cleaning, massage therapy, support groups, and trauma counseling. The Finley Project helps bridge the gap between the hospital and home after the devastating loss of an infant.

By partnering with local hospitals, churches, other nonprofits, and civic organizations, The Finley Project has been able to help 36 mothers in Central Florida. With continued support, their goal to be available for mothers throughout the United States is within reach. Moms shouldn’t have to feel alone after the loss of an infant. If you would like to find out more about The Finley Project’s mission, or would like to donate to support to this great cause, visit

Black Tie wants to sincerely thank Noelle and all those at The Finley Project for the amazing work that they do. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives and are happy we are able to help you support grieving mothers in their time of need.