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Templates are Your Frenemy

When Vic Dabricky recently reported on how to turn number-vomit-reporting into valuable business action, one if his points caught our attention at Black Tie Digital Marketing. Dabricky outlines the ways businesses can make number-crunching smarter by ignoring a whole lot of useless data and focusing instead on what really matters to YOU and YOUR business.

That should be easy, right? Not so, and mostly due to our overuse of templates and software packages designed to give us a one-size-fits-all approach to report generation. The template is useful in that it gives data structure and makes it easily readable. The problem, however, is that templates always restrict what we can see from our data because they’re built around questions someone else asked about their business and their data. Dabricky sums it up by saying these structures “try to be everything to everyone but end up meaning nothing to anyone.”

At Black Tie Digital Marketing, we feel the same way about web design. Templates are your frenemy. They got you into the online game quickly and easily helped you achieve a web presence. But that stock website you’re still sporting is just as constricting as it is useful. It’s holding your business back from creating a unique personality online, and that’s where we can help.

Don’t let your frenemy web template hold your business back. Contact your Melbourne FL Web Design team to help you optimize your site for better communication with your clients and customers.

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