The Power of Trying Something New
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The Power of Trying Something New

Peter Drucker, a man who built a legacy around being a ‘social ecologist’ and expert on business management, once shared the following wise words: “If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.” At Black Tie, we are all about converting from something old and embracing something new.

Our business model and marketing model reflects the progressive and exciting nature of the digital space we live, work, and breathe in. Nothing stays the same in the world of internet marketing – keyword usage is now trumped by human-voice writing and desktop display advertising is becoming a dinosaur, among other dying strategies that were once dominant.

What’s a business to do in order to stay on the leading edge of results? Well, as our opening quote Black Tie Digital Team at FDC 2015explained, it’s absolutely vital to keep evolving away from the old if you want to see results that are new. Here at Black Tie Digital Marketing, we work to apply what is new each and every day. Whether it’s accommodating the latest Google algorithm changes or finding ways to branch out and make connections with business owners, we are looking for new things all the time. Just this weekend, Black Tie attended its first trade show and made some great friends and met a lot of potential clients. We were willing to do something new – by stepping out of our virtual sphere and onto the trade show floor of the Florida Dental Convention – and we got something great. We are really excited about all the interesting people and practices we met and we can’t wait to get started building killer sites and internet marketing strategies for these great practices!

Whether you are an old friend of Black Tie, a new friend of Black Tie, or just stumbled across this post while seeking inspiration to try something new, we invite you to join us in casting off the old. After all, you can’t get new results with the same old methods! Shake up your site, your marketing strategy, your weekly routine – whatever it takes to find something new. Is your website looking tired or social media content running dry? Don’t expect to see anything new with the same old tools and tactics. At Black Tie, we strive for new results every day and we’ve never looked back – so now it’s your turn. Pick an old way, kick it to the curb, and start seeing new results today!