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Think Social Media is Easy? The NYPD has Enrolled in Twitter School

For over a decade social media has proven itself as a powerful force for a variety of people and organizations. At Black Tie Digital Marketing we know that when posting content deemed shareworthy by followers, there are no limits to the potential reach of your posts. Facebook and Twitter accounts are essentially personal media outlets. Recently Kari Paul’s Mashable article highlighted the New York Police Department’s attempt to harness the potential reach of Twitter, which has resulted in its officers attending a required course in social media.

Earlier this year the NYPD took to Twitter, encouraging New York residents to share images of positive interactions with their local police force, accompanied by the hashtag #myNYPD. The response was overwhelmingly negative with citizens producing images alleging police brutality and officers tweeting comments deemed insensitive by the Twitterverse. NYPD officers have now begun a Twitter etiquette class in an attempt to prevent impulsive tweeting and also center the focus on informative posts. Like all social media accounts, there’s a fine line to walk when mixing business with pleasure; sure, street closures and traffic jams are informative, but exhibiting personality makes it easier to build an actual following.

As your resource for social media optimization in Melbourne, Florida we know that your organization has to capture a unique audience on each social media platform. If you’re interested in boosting your customer reach online, contact the Black Tie Digital team today.