Web Integration: The Key to a 21st Century Website Experience
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Web Integration: The Key to a 21st Century Website Experience

In the same way that a stylish suit is brought to life with just the right tie, our marketing and branding expertise transforms a boring website into an exciting and dynamic representation of your company. But building a world-class website is no small task, as any reputable web designer will tell you. It requires the integration of many parts and pieces, and the technical expertise to tie it all together in one polished package. At Black Tie Digital Marketing, our Web Integration Specialist (and WordPress Jedi) – Joe Pagillo – is responsible for fulfilling this important task, and doing it with stylistic integrity.

Joe has been a versatile member of the Black Tie team for three years this month (Happy Anniversary!) and has filled a number of valuable roles within the agency, but integration has always been his specialty. As a Web Integration Specialist with a background in design principles, he knows firsthand how the user experience is positively impacted by a well designed and executed website.

For those unfamiliar with the website construction process, it’s important to know that there are three primary functions involved: Design, Development, and Content. The design team is responsible for the look and ‘feel’ of the site, including decisions on color and effects. The development team then brings the design vision to life with a computer’s native language – code. But a site with no words would only tell a limited story, so that’s where the content team comes into the picture. By telling the story of an organization and attracting the target audience through clear, concise language, the content team makes the website one of your most powerful business tools.

As Joe explains it, a Web Integration Specialist brings together the work of the designer, developer, and writer into one new creation: your website. While a template website just involves drag-and-drop elements and quick color changes, a custom website from Black Tie Digital Marketing is built from the ground up with your business in mind. And as the pieces start to come together, the Web Integration Specialist makes sure that the picture is complete. If elements are out of place, the content isn’t filling the space well, or a visual needs fine-tuning, then Joe takes note and makes adjustments where possible or coordinates with other departments to fix any problems.

Another important consideration is optimizing your site for search engines. There are many components to a well-rounded SEO strategy, but Joe plays a vital role in formulating page titles and meta descriptions that accurately describe the message of your website.

One special challenge faced by the Web Integration Specialist is the rise of responsive web design. Instead of ensuring that content, imagery, and functionality work great only on a desktop computer, Joe also checks the website as it would be viewed on a tablet or mobile device. Since an increasing number of Internet users are accessing information from so many different platforms, it is no longer sufficient to ensure a great desktop browsing experience while ignoring mobile and tablet formats.

The goal of any website designed and built by Black Tie Digital Marketing is to make it beautiful and functional for the user. Each step of the process keeps the user experience in perspective, and the Web Integration Specialist combines each element and adds the final touch to our world-class sites.

Is your current site an accurate reflection of who you are and what your business is all about? Is it also up-to-date with today’s standards of web design and responsive functionality? These are important considerations if you want your website to attract your target audience, as well as be positively viewed by search engines.

The ‘Black Tie Difference’ is the ability to capture the essence of your company and build you a website that is as unique as your business. Our Web Integration Specialist is one important piece of this process, but our entire team works together to create a site that is functional and beautiful. Take a look at our project portfolio to see some of the websites we’ve transformed for our clients over the years.

If you’re looking to take your website to the next level, then give our team a call today. We look forward to making your web presence as unique as you are!