What Does It Mean to Make an Impression?
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What Does It Mean to Make an Impression?

What does the term ‘impression’ mean to you? Many people think of an initial client meeting, an awkward first date, or trying to preserve their dog’s pawprint in plaster. Each one is an impression, though some are probably more memorable than others.

When it comes to digital advertising, an ‘impression’ is made each time your content or advertisement is delivered on a page. The opportunity for someone to see and respond to your content is considered an impression. To better understand the concept, it can be helpful to think of your content as a billboard situated along a major highway. As drivers pass by, they see the billboard – it has made an impression. However, whether or not they take action based on seeing the billboard is based on many other factors. Regardless, though, an impression has been made.

Impressions are sometimes considered a less relevant metric, since they are not indicative of whether or not the content prompted action. However, they still serve a valuable purpose. Knowing the impression metrics of your content provides an indication of how far-reaching it was, and whether or not your proverbial ‘billboard’ is in the right spot. The more impressions you are able to make, the greater the opportunity to reach your target audience – and the consumers most likely to take action.

Well-designed ads and catchy content are the keys to making the best impressions possible, and many of them. At Black Tie, we endeavor to help businesses be the best possible version of themselves – and make sure that any marketing materials reflect that. With our design services, content creation, and PPC management, we’ll take your advertising or content marketing to the next level. Though we can’t help you make an impression on your first date, we can help you make more impressions on the world!