What You Need To Know To Be Successful On Twitter
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What You Need To Know To Be Successful On Twitter

Twitter is something that people don’t know how to use for personal reasons let alone for their business, but the guys at Black Tie Digital Marketing in Melbourne, Florida can show you. There are certain unwritten rules you want to follow in order to connect with your followers who could be current customers as well as potential customers.

First off you want to think quality over quantity. Twitter allows only 140 characters per tweet for a reason. People that follow you want to engage with you, they don’t want to be spammed by you. Instead, publish tweets that will spark conversation with your followers. Some businesses think they best way to get exposure and people talking about their business is by posting a lot of tweets in a row. But most people find this obnoxious and will unfollow you, which is the opposite reaction you were looking for.

Also, be clear about who you are. Social media lets your customers have a real conversation with you when they might not otherwise have this chance. However, when someone you don’t know stumbles across your Twitter page you want them to have access to what your business is about. Make sure you include the right information you would want potential customers to know. The most important thing is to make a great first impression to the people who visit your Twitter page.

Finally, you should be useful. Send information to your followers that they will find helpful. Tweet them tips or offers that they can use for your business. Your followers will be put off by any Tweet that seems fake so try and be authentic and real as possible. As you craft your company’s Twitter strategy, keep in mind that people want to talk to people on Twitter. Keep it fun, keep it interesting, and above all, keep it real. Your followers will thank you for it.

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