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What’s with All the Links?

As your social media optimization team in Melbourne, Florida we are constantly in tune with the changes and upgrades to social media platforms. Just as Google’s SEO algorithms are continually evolving, so are social media sites such as Facebook. As more businesses compete for traffic, sites try to reward businesses that share quality content.

Facebook recently announced two changes to how shared links will be displayed in your News Feed. Martin Beck’s Marketing Land column discusses how one of the changes concerns “click-baiting,” or posting a link that invokes reader curiosity but offers little detail about the content. The algorithm will now register the users’ time spent on the outside site to determine whether the link led to quality content or not. The goal is to increase the amount of quality content users see in their News Feed by reducing the number of teaser links present.

The next change Facebook has made regarding link sharing involves the actual format links are displayed in. Danny Sullivan’s Marketing Land column discusses Facebook’s plan to prioritize links that display in true link format. While people are more attracted to posts with images, Facebook reveals that people tend to click on articles more often when the actual hyperlink is displayed, not just embedded in the content preview. While you can still embed the hyperlink into the preview, leaving the URL will appease Facebook’s upgraded algorithm and land your link in more News Feeds.

Facebook will reward links as displayed below:

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