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Which Do You Prefer: Quality or Quantity?

As our discussion on Search Engine Optimization in Melbourne, Florida winds down, it’s important for you to know what search engines consider to be “quality content.”

Quality content is completely subjective. When I search for anything on my computer, the results I’d rather engage with might be completely different from the results you would want. For example, I would rather read a website and thumb through pages whereas you might enjoy watching a video. However, search engines have come up with their own way to determine if the content on your website is quality.

One sign that search engines use is engagement metrics. If someone clicks on your page then they immediately hit the back button to return to the results page, then this indicates to the search engine that the user was not satisfied with the content. Since the search engine processes millions of searches a day, the engine has built up a good pool of date to judge the quality of results. This way they will be able to pull up the website with the most useful content.

Google’s newest Panda update is another tool used by search engines. SEO Moz explains that, “Google started by using human evaluators to manually rate 1000s of sites, searching for “low quality” content. Google then incorporated machine learning to mimic the human evaluators. This Panda Update is able to judge what a human would consider a low quality site. This was a great way to knock out those websites that were attempting to trick the Google algorithm in order to rank higher.”

A third way search engines sort through websites and decide whether it has good content or not is through linking patterns. “The search engines discovered early on that the link structure of the web could serve as a proxy for votes and popularity. The higher quality sites and information earned more links than their less useful, lower quality peers,” explained SEO Moz.

So consider these techniques used by search engines when crafting your website and the content to go with it. Try and appeal to everyone and mix up the type of media on your website, this will keep people engaged with your website and stay on your page longer. Contact us at Black Tie Digital Marketing if you need any help with Search Engine Optimization or web design in Melbourne, Florida.