Why Black Tie Digital Marketing Loves To Be Teal
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Why Black Tie Digital Marketing Loves To Be Teal

Last week we told you all about the impact of color in the work environment, as proven by recent scientific studies. After advising you to examine whether your physical space and Internet presence match up with your corporate culture, we think it’s only fair if we share a little Q&A about our color culture here at Black Tie Digital.

Our name may conjure up the thought of a white shirt and black tie- “like you wear to a wedding,” as our CEO explains it to people. But inside our four walls, you’d be hard pressed to find much of anything that is boring black-and-white. What was the philosophy behind our color choice and what do we have to show for it? Read the following Q & A session we had with Scott Brazdo, CEO, digital marketing guru, and color visionary.

Q: What were your goals for the office space?

A: I wanted to create an environment where the creative team as well as clients felt comfortable. I didn’t want a generic shell of an office, but something as unique as the Black Tie culture. And now we’re getting ready to expand into a new location – so I’ve got even bigger dreams for that space!

Q: We call ourselves ‘Black Tie’ in casual conversation all the time, but we have teal everywhere– why aren’t we ‘Teal Tie?’

A: Well, that just doesn’t roll off the tongue! But honestly, a black tie is a staple and yet it carries a certain sense of dignity and presence. That’s what we deliver to clients in their websites and marketing strategy so they can compete in the world of business. But we also believe in being dynamic and wanted our logo to incorporate a brighter, inviting color – hence the teal motif in our logo, site material, and office spaces.

Q: How committed are you to customizing the workspace?

A: My team calls me ‘Captain Custom’ – so, I would say it’s obvious that I’m all about creating a consistent theme in the office. I own many cans of teal and black paint and pay a LOT of attention to the details! I just think that whether it’s a physical space or a deliverable for a client, small details can really make the overall experience stand out.

Q: What kind of a return do you think an investment in a color scheme makes?

A: Like our blog mentioned last week, blue and green are proven to be the top colors for focus and productivity. But even more than that, having an identity in the workspace really helps to create a cohesive environment that is good for the team and inviting to clients. We regularly have clients that come by just to say hi and hang out with us for a few. That’s the biggest return I could hope for – having a physical space that reflects our genuine intention to do great work and foster great relationships.

That’s the full scoop on our teal obsession! It’s possible that our obsession with color and customization is only second to our drive to produce killer websites and engaging Internet material. If your business needs a pop of color, let us give it the Black Tie touch.